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Standards of Professional & Ethical Conduct 

As a Coach/Mentor


  • I will be aware of any issues that may potentially lead to the misuse of my influence by recognising the nature of coaching/mentoring and the way in which it may affect the lives of others. 

  • I will at all times strive to recognise personal issues that may impair, conflict or interfere with my performance or my professional relationships.  Whenever the facts and circumstances necessitate, I will promptly seek professional assistance and determine the action to be taken, including whether it is appropriate to suspend or to terminate the coaching /mentoring relationship(s). 

  • I will accurately create, maintain, store and dispose of any records of work done in relation to the practice of coaching/mentoring in a way that promotes confidentiality and complies with applicable laws.

Professional Conduct With Clients


  • I will set clear, appropriate, and culturally sensitive boundaries that govern any contact that I may have with my clients. 

  • I will construct clear agreements with my clients, and will honour all agreements made in the context of professional coaching/mentoring relationships. 

  • I will ensure that, prior to or at the initial session, my client understands the nature of coaching/mentoring, the bounds of confidentiality, financial arrangements and other terms of the coaching/mentoring agreement. 

  • I will accurately identify my qualifications, expertise and experience as a coaching /mentoring. 

  • I will not intentionally mislead or make false claims about what my client will receive from the coaching/mentoring process or from me as their coach/mentor. 

  • I will not give my clients or prospective client’s information or advice that I know or believe to be misleading. 

  • I will respect the client's right to terminate coaching/mentoring at any point during the process.  I will be alert to indications that the client is no longer benefiting from our relationship. 

  • If I believe the client would be better served by another coach/mentor, or by another resource, I will encourage the client to make a change. 

  • I will suggest that my clients seek the services of other professionals when deemed appropriate or necessary. 

  • I will take all reasonable steps to notify the appropriate authorities in the event a client discloses an intention to endanger self or others.



  • I will respect the confidentiality of my client's information, except as otherwise authorised by my client, or as required by law. 

  • I will obtain agreement from my clients before releasing their names as clients, or references, or any other client identifying information. 


Conflicts of Interest


  • I will seek to avoid conflicts between my interests and the interests of my clients. 

  • Whenever any actual conflict of interest or the potential for a conflict of interest arises, I will openly disclose it and fully discuss with my client how to deal with it in whatever way best serves my client. 

  • I will disclose to my client all anticipated compensation from third parties that I may receive for referrals of that client.

  • I will only barter for services, goods or other non-monetary remuneration when it will not impair the coaching/mentoring relationship. 

Contacting Me


Sharlene Lynch welcomes your comments regarding this 'Standards of Professional & Ethical Conduct' Policy. If you have any questions about this Policy and would like further information, please contact me by any of the following means during business hours Monday to Friday.


  • Phone 0411146248

  • Send email to ‘

  • Include in Subject Line: Standards of Professional & Ethical Conduct Enquiry.

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