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About Sharlene Lynch

Thriving not just surviving

"Some of my greatest passions are cooking, travelling, dancing, family, and community activities. I have been fortunate to travel the world and experience amazing places and meet amazing people in Africa, North America, Canada, Hawaii, Europe, China, Thailand, and many south-east Asian countries. I have also travelled around Australia to most states and territories taking every opportunity to visit our beautiful country and will soon add Tasmania to the list. I enjoy the outdoors immensely, and have kayaked in places like Canada and New Zealand, climbed mountains in Hawaii and South Africa, and in many countries enjoyed snorkelling, camping, mountain bike riding, bush walking and cruising. I am an animal lover, especially horses, dogs and cats. I thoroughly enjoy and am equally comfortable getting dressed up for a gala dinner or crawling underground in ancient lava tubes. I perform with a dance troupe in Adelaide and entertain at community events and for the elderly in retirement homes. I love to cook and grow my own food when I can and share a meal with family. My mission in life is to help everyone I can to grow and reach their maximum potential. I make time for personal development as this is a big priority for me, and to share my messages and lesson learned to support others on their journey in life."

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